Certified Personal Fitness Trainer , Valencia , CA

Weight Loss tips to shred fat and build lean musclen 
Weight loss Program with fast results
Weight loss nutrition , meal plans and variety of recipes
Weight loss motivation , tracking progress with before and after pictures 

Body Construction Founder - Healthy Gal Active Wear Founder - Certified Personal Trainer - Life Coach - Nutritional Counseling 

Hi, my name is Luana Elliott and I am a certified personal trainer.  I am here to help you with the BEST fitness program that fits all your needs. Together we can transform your body in less than 90 days and change the habits that stop you from achieving a better lifestyle, wellness, weight loss and high self-esteem.

My program is designed with what works:

  • Proper nutrition and the right exercise techniques.

Run from the fake solutions that make you lose weight fast, and few weeks later have you gaining all of the lost weight plus unwanted added pounds. You deserve a true life-changing program.

YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE HABITS that make you overeat, depressed and sick.

Question: How bad do you want to change?

What ever your fitness goal, I will assist you with by:


 • Designing the best exercise program according to your goals  and physical condition.

• Promote weight loss and lean muscle gain 

• Promote body strengthening through resistance (weight training)

• Promote endurance through cardio training

• Correct body form with practical exercise execution.

• Motivate and influence you to make healthy life decisions.

• Monthly assessments, including body measurements, before and after pictures.

• Monthly free workshops


• Educate and inform you about good nutrition, discussing the benefits    of potential diseases prevention.  

. Receive a personalized shopping list to help with your grocery choices.

• Supplements guidelines

• Suggest and inform about apps to download to your phone and    computer to best track your food intake and choices.

  1. These apps will show great places nearby to eat healthy meals. 
  2. The apps will also help you to find the best food recipes.


It is much easier to have a picture of the right product to purchase, with you at grocery time. With the variety of products available in the stores, you can easily spend money on things you believe will help you in your weight loss, but actually will destroy all of your hard work.  So I will help you with:

• A Personalized shopping picture list of products.

It even gets better; the shopping list is personalized for each grocery store.

 • Improve your overall wellness and help to boost your energy 

• And much more...

So, are you ready to really to significantly improve your life?