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" Admittedly I am not one to think of exercising, and when asked to participate in one of Luanas' classes I consented and found it to be fun and not as hard as I thought it would be.......She has a way of pushing you without pushing too hard....... She also let me know the nutrition side was as important as the workout of the body and seeing results is the proof.....She is a wonderful trainer and I'd recommend her without any reservations at all. "

Dionne Warwick

Luana has changed my life! She's taught me about proper nutrition and how to exercise correctly. She is a great motivator and life coach. She keeps track of my progression and makes sure I'm targeted to my fitness goals. She treats my health and fitness holistically. She always says, "good health is about good nutrition, correct work out, and a healthy mind." Thanks Luana for putting my life on track. Not only I'm getting fit, but I'm also in a great state of mind, and as a consequence I'm succeding in my personal life AND in my career. You are an AMAZING PERSONAL TRAINER and a GREAT ROLE MODEL. Highly recommend Luana's program. Be the fit and successful person you've always dreamed of with Luana as your Personal Trainer.

Amanda Sousa

I had a good trainer, Jim B. But when he said that he would not be able to train anymore, I felt defeated. I then met Luana. I am invigorated again about working out. I enjoy the one on one training. I enjoy her attention to technique, and understanding of the muscle/machine affect. She is GOOD! I am getting a great workout when I am training. Her nutritional advice is like the icing on the 'cake'!    

Patricia Aguilar 

I loved working out with Lua. After my first semester of college my self confidence was shot down after realizing that the "freshman fifteen" is real. And it happened to me. I came home for a month over Winter Break and worked out 3 days a week with Lua. She worked around my schedule and helped me work on the parts of my body I wanted to improve. We started out slow and built up my strength and momentum again after I had lost it from not working out or eating well for an entire semester. With her workouts 3x a week and detailed meal plan I quickly saw results with my body in just 4 weeks. Overall, I felt better. I could feel how much she cared about me and wanted me to be happy about myself. That was really important to me and I looked forward to going to workout with her. Even now that I am back at school I text Lua to tell her I am at the gym and if I have any questions she responds to me right away! I admire her drive and how much she cares about being healthy and fit. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an amazing personal trainer that cares about you and having a healthy and fit body inside and out!                                                                                                                

Tiffany Weldon 

"Lua is the best!!! She truly takes a genuine interest in your health and well being. Lua is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and very supportive. She holds you accountable for your goals. She is always positive and vibrant!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LUA!! <3."

Mimi Bingham

" Lua is not only a personal trainer, but she is also a nutritionist. She gives me the best nutritious information to follow with my exercises. In addition, she sends me also educational videos and articles to learn new facts and to motivate me to stay healthy. I am pregnant, and honestly Lua gives me better and more advices than my OBGYN. What I really like about Lua that you can contact her at any time to ask any question you have in my mind. Since I start training with Lua, my body now is in a good shape, and I am more energetic that you can't even tell I am pregnant at all. Also, Lua is also soo beautiful; she has amazing flawless skin, so I ask her about beauty recipes and I advices as well. Lua is not my first personal trainer, but she is defiantly the best one I had ;) "

Raneem Nafeh

I've been in boot camps, fitness classes, hypnotic therapy and personal instruction programs. None that I've experienced have offered me the overall satisfaction received through Body Construction! Lua's knowledge of the human anatomy relative to personal fitness & health option awareness offers an aggressive, stimulating approach to individual re-construction of your desired goals. She engages you in the "process" of joint knowledge while creating a naturally healthy & enjoyable lifestyle. I could not be more impressed with Lua's commitment to living a healthy & exciting life!                                                            

Jacque Saucer

"Luana is the perfect personal trainer!! She's fun but also knows how to push you to meet the goals you've set for yourself. With the variety of workouts she brings to the table your body is sure to never get bored!"

Alyssa Warrick

I attended Luana "Samba Class" and it was like a party at Carnival (in my case Mardi Gras), with the added benefit of a total body workout. The class is so much fun because of the high energy, good music, and encouraging atmosphere that is created between Luana and her students, which makes this my all time favorite class.

Sherrill Hilton - Hip Hop Dance Instructor

Working with Luana is the best decision I’ve ever made. She is so committed to helping me achieve my goals. She is always happy, motivating, and will push you to get better! This is what we all need in a trainer. I feel more fit than I ever have in my entire life!!! I LOVE LUANA!

Brittani Warrick